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Social media horror stories that’ll give you nightmares

Social media horror stories that'll give you nightmares

Halloween is here! And whilst you may view Halloween as being all about trick or treating, witches, pumpkins and so on, here at MadeSimple we have a different take. We think Halloween is the perfect time to look at some of the nightmarish social media mistakes made by large companies, who really should have known better. Read on at your own peril! Continue reading

5 failed products from massive companies

5 failed products from massive companie

Introducing a new product or service to compliment what you already offer is often a great idea as it can contribute to extra revenue and give your brand a whole new audience. However, it is important to act with a degree of caution. A disastrous product launch can be extremely costly for any business, big or small. Here are five examples of poor products launched by some of the world’s largest companies. Continue reading