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Free guides to help your new business grow

Grow your business

At MadeSimple we’re constantly writing new guides designed to help your business start, run and grow.  We’re delighted to announce that these guides now have a permanent home where you can download them all for free. Take a look at our free guides now. Continue reading

How to be an upselling master and impact your revenue

How to be an upselling master and impact your revenue

Getting your business off the ground without overspending on marketing can be tricky at the best of times. But what if there was a way to increase revenue without any additional marketing – a way to sell extra products without more promotion? Fortunately for small business owners this can be done, it just requires an understanding of upselling. Let’s take a look. Continue reading

It Takes (More Than) Two Baby – To Create a WOW Customer Experience

Are your customers having a WOW experience?

Before you start reading, first I want you to pause and do some thinking.

Thinking Alert 1: Think about your own day-to-day experiences. Think about what happens when you go ‘online’ to find a product or service, or indeed to research something you need.

Thinking Alert 2: Think about your experiences of walking into a shop, a ticket office, a supermarket, a café, a bar. Think about all the messages you see and receive from businesses and brands on a daily basis. There’s a lot right? And as consumers we are bombarded with messages – we experience ‘service’ at many levels.

Thinking Alert 3: More thinking now please…Think about a recent purchase – think about the service experience – how was if for you? Good, bad, forgettable or WOW?

Good feelings, bad feelings? Did you talk to others about your experience – sharing the love – or sharing your frustrations?

In a world where consumers have so much choice at their fingertips – and there are so many people vying for their attention – organisations are doing everything they can to stand out from the crowd.

It’s often difficult to differentiate on product – there’s masses of choice – and there will always be a competitive product with a ‘faster, better, cheaper’ message. Continue reading