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An Interview with Lord Young – Part One

An interview with Lord Young - Part on

Lord Young has had a remarkable career in both the business and the political worlds, serving under various conservative governments and acting as the Secretary of State for Employment. He has spearheaded multiple initiatives including Start Up Loans, was an Enterprise Adviser to David Cameron and has written a number or vital reports about the small business landscape in the UK. Towards the end of last year we were lucky enough to sit down with him and discuss ‘business’. Continue reading

The difficulty small businesses are facing accessing finance, and how iwoca is using technology and data to solve this problem

James Crowther owns one of Europe’s 20 million SMEs. Utilising his background in finance and fleet management, James’ vehicle brokerage business, Trade Vehicles Direct, finds clients the best deals on cars by sourcing direct from suppliers. His negotiation skills and industry relationships are key to his success and have allowed him to grow fast in his niche. Unfortunately, he struggled to fund the rapid growth since the main banks struggled to analyse his model and fit his business in a convenient box.

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The Autumn Statement – Things you need to know

The Autumn Statement - Things you need to know

Here at MadeSimple we like to keep on top of important developments within the world of startups and inform you of them as and when they happen. So in light of yesterday’s Autumn Statement we thought we would give you the key points – and how small businesses will stand to benefit. Continue reading

What does a Labour government mean for Small Business?

In this, the second in our General Election blog series, we take a look at what a Labour government would mean for small businesses (you can read our Conservative post here).

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What does a Conservative government mean for Small Business?

As the general election draws nearer we thought it important to take a look at each of the main political parties and what their government would offer small businesses. This, the first post in the series, will be dedicated to the Conservative party.

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The Budget 2015 – The key points for small businesses

In this post we will look at what we consider the key points from last week’s Budget are and how these areas might affect small businesses. Let’s get straight into it… Continue reading

Possible British exit from EU creating uncertainty on businesses exporting

London skyline

Uncertainty about the UK’s position in Europe is having an adverse affect on the way British Businesses are operating within European markets. The UK’s place within the EU have been a thorny issue for a number of years, particularly in light of the Euro currency almost crashing in 2012. This has lead to a great deal of anti-EU rhetoric from the government and radical fringe parties such as UKIP. Continue reading