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Infographic: 10 steps to turning your idea into a business


Got a money-making idea but not sure what to do next? No problem! We’ve created an infographic highlighting our 10 steps to turning your idea into a business. Take a look to get your budding business, blooming. Continue reading

How a personal touch can help you gain and retain customers

How a personal touch can help you gain and retain customers

‘Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came’ One thing we all appreciate is a personal touch, so succinctly put in this lyric from the Cheers theme. When you go to your local store and the owner knows your name and what you want –  you feel appreciated. Personalisation is now fundamental to the success of any business – offline and online. Obviously putting this into action is slightly different with a website than it is with a store or bar in Boston, so to help, here are a few ways to add the personal touch to your website: Continue reading

How Small Businesses Can Learn From The Rise Of Leicester City

5 Ways Your Business Can Learn From The Rise Of Leicester City

We could be about to witness one of the most famous sporting upsets of all time (really) as small provincial club Leicester City – who last year were battling relegation – find themselves top of the Premier League going into the final few weeks of the season. Continue reading

MadeSimple’s Top-20 Female Entrepreneurs


We thought we’d give Mother’s Day a ‘business spin’ by celebrating our favourite 20 female entrepreneurs. These women are all behind successful businesses that should inspire any startup. Let’s take a look, and don’t forget to share your favourites at the end. In no particular order: Continue reading

New Year, New You – #ChangeYourLife

New Year, New You - #ChangeYourLife

We don’t just offer the ability to start a business – we offer the opportunity to change your life. This new year you might be thinking about making a change and that’s what the #ChangeYourLife campaign is all about – helping you to do it. Continue reading

Charity is MadeSimple with Rays of Sunshine…

Charity is MadeSimple with Rays of Sunshine...

At MadeSimple we love to give something back when we can. Whether that’s charitable initiatives around the office with events like Movember or the addition of charity clothing boxes for employees to use, it’s all about making an effort where we can. Continue reading

Startups Awards – November 27th, The Night Is Upon Us

Startups Awards - November 27th, The Night Is Upon Us

The Startup Awards are upon us. The night is coming and we are immensely looking forward to celebrating the best that British business has to offer. We are fortunate enough to be involved with the event the features a range of innovative companies run by people who keep the pulse of business beating fervently. Everyone is excited and they are all looking to show what they are made of. Continue reading

Health & Wellbeing Week at MadeSimple

Health & Wellbeing Week at MadeSimple

We are currently preparing for a big push at MadeSimple. We’re waking up to the joys of health and wellbeing by dedicating a week to it! We want to promote our values and everything about us that makes the company a great place to work, where we do great work. Continue reading

Startups Awards 2015: Lessons that can be learned from previous winners

UK Starrtups

The 2015 Startups Awards are taking place on the 27th November, and MadeSimple are sponsoring the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. It’s a prestigious event with lots of exciting businesses in attendance, see our press release for further details. Continue reading