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FreeAgent unveils the secret to getting paid three times quicker

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Whether its clients “forgetting” to pay, stalling for time before settling their bill – or sometimes just deciding not to pay you at all – having to chase up money that’s rightfully yours is frustrating and time-consuming. And the problem of late payment is more widespread than you might think – the UK government estimates that small firms are currently owed around £26bn in late payments, while the process of chasing debts costs these businesses millions of pounds more. Continue reading

2014 for us… Carvill Creative

We’re asking the businesses that we’re close to what they want to achieve in 2014. Today sees us talking with Michelle Carvill, founder of Carvill Creative and… Marketing Director here at Made Simple!

“For 2014 the mantra at Carvill Creative is all about systemising our business processes so that we can focus on the stuff we’re really good at.

It’s no surprise that for most business owners – you go into setting up your own business because you are passionate and knowledgeable about something. However, before you know it, unless heavily resourced, you get bogged down in everything that goes along with running a business: employing staff, accountancy issues, VAT returns, issuing invoices, managing customers, following up on new business development opportunities, getting proposals together – all very important and necessary activities – but ones which take up time and steer you, the business owner tasked with growing your business, away from that core focus.

In 2014 we’ve hit the ground running. Over the holiday period we finished implementing our new Customer Relationship Management system, Capsule CRM – which enables us to centralise many of our business processes relating to customers and lead management and sales forecasting – and it talks directly with our website. Next on the agenda is to switch all of our clients across to direct debit – to assist with cashflow and reduce admin – and then following that, we are looking at centralising our accounting systems – integrating an online accounting system with our CRM so that our business processes are as streamlined as possible – leaving the team at Carvill Creative with more time to focus on what we do best”

Thanks Michelle! If you’re interested in finding out more about Carvill Creative and their services, take a look here: Carvill Creative

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2014 for us… Simply Business

A New Year represents new aims and goals for people and businesses alike. So we thought we’d ask some of our associates what they want to achieve this year. Here’s what Jasper Martens, head of marketing & communications at Simply Business, has got planned for them in 2014.

“At Simply Business we want to change the way our customers buy insurance. Most businesses are still buying their business insurance through a broker. In many cases the purchase process is complicated, not easy to understand and expensive.

Our recent research for our insurance manifesto underlined what our customers think about insurance. It’s time for change. In 2014 we will introduce new insurance products designed for our customers, using their experiences and feedback.

Serving existing customers will be a real focus point for us in 2014. Offering excellent customer service will turn some of our 250,000 customers into brand advocates, recommending our products and services”

Thanks Jasper! For more information about Simply Business, take a look at their website now: Simply Business

You can also find out what Jasper has to say about marketing in our latest Real Business Case Study.

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