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How to perfect your business’s tone of voice

How to perfect your business's tone of voice

Your business’s tone of voice is effectively how you interact with your audience. It should steer your conversations with customers, your website content, your emails, your social media and pretty much each and every one of your communications. But how do you go about developing a tone of voice which truly suits your brand? Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can really find your voice. Continue reading

Startup Story with Matt Lane, founder of BeerBods


The UK is full of people with a passion for beer, but not all these people turn this passion into a business. That’s exactly what Matt Lane did in 2012 when he turned his 14-year love affair with beer into beer subscription service, BeerBods. Since 2012 the company has gone from strength to strength – even setting crowd-funding records in 2014.  “BeerBods is now four people, two dogs and three thousand subscribers”. Matt was kind enough to take time out from his busy schedule to chat with us a few weeks ago.

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Startup Story: Richard Sumner, Spreadsheet Solutions


Today we’re bringing you our conversation with Richard Sumner – founder of Spreadsheet Solutions. Richard started his business to help companies promote productivity and solve problems with organisation and precision.

Entrepreneur: Richard Sumner
Business: Spreadsheet Solutions
Founded: 2013

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Startup Story: Abidemi Sanusi, Ready Writer


Welcome to the latest edition of the blog series that focuses on entrepreneurs with great startup stories. This week we’re talking to Abidemi Sanusi who sat down with us to discuss Ready Writer – her content writing and training venture created to help businesses grow.

Entrepreneur: Abidemi Sanusi
Business: Ready Writer Ltd
Founded: 2013 Continue reading

Startup Story: Massimo Sirolla, Loyalzoo


Time for the latest edition in our series of Startup Stories. Today we chat with Massimo Sirolla, an entrepreneur revolutionising the world of loyalty cards with a high tech solution aimed at independent stores.

Entrepreneur: Massimo Sirolla
Business: Loyalzoo
Founded: 2013 Continue reading