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How to perfect your business’s tone of voice

How to perfect your business's tone of voice

Your business’s tone of voice is effectively how you interact with your audience. It should steer your conversations with customers, your website content, your emails, your social media and pretty much each and every one of your communications. But how do you go about developing a tone of voice which truly suits your brand? Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can really find your voice. Continue reading

Feefo and the power of reviews. How to keep genuine reviews improving your business reputation.

Feefo and the power of reviews. How to keep genuine reviews improving your business reputation

When it comes to business there is little more of a precious commodity than your company reputation. The better your reputation, the more trust and familiarity that customers have with you – and ultimately the more business you’re likely to do. Continue reading

10 ways to make your website a success


Even though we spend so much time as a user browsing on the internet – it can be easy to forget the basics when looking at your own website. There are many simple tricks which you may have overlooked which will quickly improve your website and in turn boost your traffic and help maximise profits.

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Building your site with CloudSite – which are the best designs?

Building your site with CloudSite - which are the best designs?

It’s so easy to design and build a functional website using CloudSite from Websites MadeSimple, with the simple editor you don’t have to deal with complicated coding – and your mobile friendly website can be set up in just a few clicks. Continue reading

4 Great Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need

The Mophie Space Pack

Presented as ‘the world’s first rechargeable battery case with built in storage’, the space pack is a multi-functional, lightweight iPhone case with a difference. It is capable of providing up to 100% extra battery life which is brilliant for heavy users, long journeys and emergencies, not to mention ensuring you don’t miss out on capturing those all-important photos and videos for your social media profile! Plus, with up to 64GB of extra storage, you won’t have to worry about deleting lots of files to make room for new ones.

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The Hicon Wristband

This social wristband aims to make your digital life easier by sending real time social media notifications straight to your wrist. Simply choose your social media icons, and the bracelet will softly vibrate when your smartphone receives a notification – ‘handy’ for those times you can’t check your phone directly (in a meeting, in the car, on a date.. you get the idea). Not convinced yet? The bluetooth bracelet lets you swap contact details and social profiles with a simple handshake, and helps keep your phone safe and secure with a 30ft separation alert, letting you know if you’ve left it behind. Continue reading