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Incubus and PwC launch startup incubator… and more

Incubus and PwC launch startup incubator.. and more

This week we will delve into more industry related stories which demonstrate what is working and what isn’t for startup businesses. Whilst there has been the creation of a fantastic new initiative created by one of the world’s largest professional services network – we have also seen how damaged the UK’s exports have become. As a business of any size you will have to take the rough with the smooth and accept changing circumstances – whatever they might be. Continue reading

Immigration clamp downs could harm startups… and more

Immigration clamp downs harm startups.. and more

Talent – something all small businesses need access to in order to grow. Simply put you may need to hire specialists – whether this be business development, digital marketing or web optimisation – at some point a small business will need to employ staff with a particular skill set. You might even need to look overseas to source this talent, indeed it might not be a bad idea to give your office a bit of an international flavour. So the news this week that several leading entrepreneurs have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister regarding his immigration clampdown stance,  emphasising the damage it might do to startups,  may well come as unwelcome news to many small business owners who source a lot of talent from overseas.
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London best EU city for startups… and more

London best EU city for digital startups.. and more

When it comes to the subject of startups and medium sized businesses, their conditions can be dictated not just through their everyday activities but also from larger scale agreements and recognition. This week has demonstrated this to be the case as our great capital city London has received recognition as the central hub for growing digital businesses. Whilst this is not something which may be a huge surprise –  it is nevertheless welcome news and a big endorsement of how important startups have become in the capital. Continue reading

UK unemployment rate at seven year low… and more

UK unemployment rate at seven year low... and more

Encouraging figures have been released this week with regards to the overall rate of employment in the UK. This is of course great news but what affect does this have on SMEs and their overall recruitment strategy. Has this for example translated into greater pay which is widespread. This will of course be discussed later in the blog. Also this week we look at how SMEs might have a greater say in England’s devolution process. As this column has covered in the past the UK is about to go through a process where greater powers will be given transferred from Westminster to local government. It is crucial that local businesses are a key part of this process. Continue reading

European Bank to invest in British businesses.. and more

The Week in Startups

After last week’s hiatus – looking at the VW crisis – The Week in Startups returns for your usual fix of all the latest news in the SME world. In another boost for small businesses a large European bank has agreed to invest in a very popular peer-to-peer platform. At MadeSimple we believe in the importance of our products but also in dispensing important and relevant news that relates to you. Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for small business… and more

The Week in Startups

There is only one place to start for the week in startups and that is the resounding election win that crowned Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader – a result that yours truly and many others would not have predicted after Labour’s election defeat back in May. Continue reading

SMEs not harnessing digital enough… and more

The Week in Startups

If you are a new business you need – at the very least – a basic understanding of it how digital works and how it can really help your business achieve its targets. You may well have a strong grasp of digital but surprising figures this week demonstrate that not enough businesses are truly harnessing the potential of digital and the benefits that it can bring.

At MadeSimple we are true believers in digital and how it can align with the goals of any new business. If you would like to see some of the digital training courses that we offer see here for more information. Continue reading

Minimum wage crackdown… and more

The Week in Startups

With school holidays coming to a close as August goes into September the business world switches on again. As an entrepreneur you will undoubtedly notice this change – as the period of relative quiet comes to an end this week. At MadeSimple we are – as always – on top of all the things you need to know as a small business every week. Continue reading

Whitehall ponders with SMEs on an apprenticeship levy… and more

The Week in Startups

A big part of small businesses and the general status of the working economy is apprenticeships. Seen as a key driver in mobility for younger people in particular, apprenticeships have proved a valuable way for business owners and employees to grow in harmony. Continue reading

Invoice finance to be freed up… and more

The Week in Startups

In this weeks column a couple of key announcements have been made which are sure to be very significant for startups. One of the most mentioned topics in this column has been the reprehensible late payments culture that has become almost commonplace in the UK today. However, this week has seen a new measure introduced which will certainly help combat this terrible status-quo. Continue reading