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5 Ways to Write Press Releases That Demand Attention

Blogging and content

Getting your business noticed by the media is a great tactic to increase sales. A key part of getting attention is to build relationships with journalists, and this can be done by creating press releases. Now journalists are typically inundated with these on a daily basis so if you want your press releases (and in turn your business) to get noticed, you need to make it worth their time. Here are 5 Ways To Write Press Releases That Demand Attention:  Continue reading

What is Lead generation?

What is lead generation

A term that can often befuddle small business owners across the board is lead Generation. The idea of it has so many different connotations and meanings that can often not be that clear. But, as a business owner, it’s important to develop a process of following through with potential new contacts/business. So understanding the theory of lead generation could lead to an increase in sales and obtaining necessary new contacts. Continue reading

Councils to now set business rates… and more

The Week in Startups

This week saw a key and potentially transformative announcement that could significantly impact SMEs. This column has for a while highlighted the problems associated with business rates and the effect these have had on SMEs who use a non domestic property. A key announcement made by Chancellor George Osborne this week could change this system significantly. Also this week we look at the passing of a brand new law that has been introduced which will hopefully assist small business in tackling large firms who deliberately fix their prices. Continue reading

To enter business awards or not? Guest post from The Good Web Guide


It is a question that entrepreneurs, business owners and management should ask themselves – whether to put themselves in the limelight and enter an award. As the organiser of one such programme, Arabella  Dymoke, of The Good Web Guide shares her thoughts. Having worked with businesses and startups over the years, The GWG knows what makes a winning site. Continue reading

Business leaders immigration warning… and more

The Week in Startups

One issue which tends to arouse a lot of contention is that of immigration. In whatever form, the issue of immigration affects us all one way or another. And the world of business is no exception. So the big theme of this week’s column focuses on the business world’s response to proposed government measures to control immigration flow.

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Happy Birthday YouTube – the platform turns 10!

Youtube 10

On 23rd April 2005, the first video was uploaded to Youtube but this was not made public till 29th May 2005. 10 years ago today! YouTube has been on quite the journey. Starting off as a platform for amateur filmmakers, it is now a space for, well everyone – including marketers and business owners who use YouTube to build awareness and increase their brand’s reach.
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Top 10 tips for keeping a healthy cash flow

How to keep a healthy cash flow

Cash management and credit control are probably not the most scintillating aspects of running a business, but they are the keys to making sure you stay solvent. Without adequate cash to pay suppliers and staff you won’t be in business long, so take a look at these ten tips to help you stay in control of cash flow and keep you in the black. Continue reading