We review the 2018 Christmas ads!

We review the 2018 Christmas Ads!

We’re mere weeks away from Christmas, so it’s not surprising that every other advert on TV follows the same festive theme. Have you seen this year’s offerings? We asked some of our team to review them – here’s what they thought:

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An interview with Julie Holmes, co-founder of Hey Mic!

HeyMic! Founders

Tell us a little bit about your company. What is your business in your own words? How long has it been running?

I’m Julie Holmes, the creator and co-founder of a company called JUST Innovate Ltd which manufactures and sells a neat little gadget called Hey Mic!. Hey Mic! is a Bluetooth wireless microphone explicitly designed to connect with smartphones to capture great audio with your videos.

Our business has two founders: Steve Clarke and me. We’re both professional speakers who decided to work together early last year, and we’ve been running since June 2017. We launched Hey Mic! within 90 days!

Was there a lightbulb moment?

It happened when I was working at a trade show, where I was speaking to a group of about 200 people. I wanted to capture some audio of the essential messages I had put together for this presentation and the questions asked by the audience so that I could share them back with other people in my business, namely sales and marketing.

I’d done recordings on my phone before, but they were never good enough to be used as it was often hard to hear in big, busy rooms. I knew at that moment I needed to create something that would make it easy for me to capture and reuse the audio, so that’s where the idea of Hey Mic! was born.

Were there any big pain points when you were starting up the business?

One of the most significant challenges we had was purely finding time to get things off the ground.

Both Steve and I are busy, full-time speakers and business leaders, so carving out and creating another company was incredibly hard. So, as you can imagine, we were both working evenings and weekends as we tried to get Hey Mic! off the ground and it often felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day – we got tired! But we believed in our product, so knew we had to make it happen.

What has the high point been so far?

We donated a couple of Hey Mic!s to the Professional Speakers’ Association in the UK to help raise funds for their Foundation, which collects money from its members via auctions for other speakers when they fall on hard times, or just need a helping hand.

I was amazed to see how excited everyone was to bid on our product! It was so rewarding to see how much money we were generating for the cause, but it also reinforced that people in our marketplace; our friends and colleagues, saw how valuable Hey Mic! could be for them.

Have there been any low points and how did you overcome them?

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Give your business a workout

Give your business a workout!

We all know the promises we make at the start of the year to get in shape, feel fitter and be stronger, but do you think about your business in the same way? Forget signing up to the gym, give your business a workout instead and get a head-start to 2018. Ready, set, go!

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An interview with Anna Ward from CakeDrop

Anna from CakeDrop

It’s often said that you should love what you do. Well, it’s safe to say that Anna Ward loves what she does – after all she gets to work with cake every day, and who doesn’t love cake?! Anna launched CakeDrop – a cake delivery service for offices –  in July 2017 (still fresh!) and she certainly knows what it takes to get started. Here Anna talks to us about her inspiration for the delicious idea and how life has changed since launching. Enjoy…

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Are you a business owner? Here are 10 tips to help you relax on your next holiday

Relaxing on a hammock

Summer may be coming to an end but it’s not too late to take some well-earned time off if you haven’t already. Of course, as a business owner, if you do manage to get away it’s hard to switch off and there’s always the temptation to take work with you. With that in mind, here are 10 tips to help the business owner relax on holiday…

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Entrepreneurs and their holidays

Entrepreneurs and their holiday's

If you’re a small business owner it’s likely that you don’t take a break as often as you should.

CITY AM recently reported that half of the UK’s business owners take less than six days off a year, ‘with one in five taking no time off at all’. Whilst it’s easy to see why business owners are reticent to step away from their business for a week or so, it really can be beneficial in the long run when you consider the positive impact a holiday can have.

To inspire you to take a break, we thought we’d take a look at some famous entrepreneurs who recognise the importance of a holiday and where exactly they go! Enjoy…

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Looking for free images for your website? Find out where to get them here.

Turtle from Unsplash

Keeping your online content professional is one of the many obstacles you face when managing a website. Especially if you don’t have the skills or the resources to create your own images. But good news… there are websites out there that let you use images for free – where attribution is not needed (but it is appreciated). These are ideal if you’re constantly creating new content (or aim to be), and we’ve selected some of the best we’ve come across so you can get off to a good start!

Before we start looking at these websites, please note that some of the copyright restrictions vary, so don’t forget to double check before using it in your own work.

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Independent beer businesses making a splash in 2017!

National Beer Day

Cheers! It’s Beer Day Britain – our National Beer Day!

Independent breweries have been on the rise for some time. There are now a whopping 1700 breweries in the UK, (as reported by City A.M.), and it’s now commonplace for a craft beer to be on the menu at your local.

Therefore we thought it was only right to celebrate great craft beer businesses who’ve caught our eye to honour our National Beer Day – all in the name of research, of course! We’ll cheers to that!

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Let’s celebrate World Environment Day! 10 ethical businesses you need to know about

It’s World Environment Day! Because today is all about appreciating the world around us and being mindful of global environmental and ethical issues, we thought we would name our top ‘10 Ethical Companies’. Here you’ll find a collection of businesses who are really doing their bit! When you’ve finished reading, let us know who you think is ethical and why on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.
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