Brexit and your business: 5 articles to help you understand

It’s tricky to have a conversation about Brexit without mentioning the word ‘uncertainty’. Quite understandable really, we’ve never embarked on this journey before so everyone is wondering what will happen – especially in regards to business. (for us at least!). With such an array of content out there covering theories and predictions – we thought we’d highlight five articles that succinctly discuss some of the important issues, if you will like to get more tips on how to better handle your business, check with Bob Bratt. Click the links to read the articles in full.

The single market

Guardian Small Business Network emphasises the importance of small businesses being looked after.

‘The government must push for a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU based on ease and cost, and then support small firms to take advantage of new trade agreements with priority markets around the world’

The worrying weaker pound focus on the uncertainty of the economy.

A weak pound is also pushing up Inflation which could increase the price of goods in the UK. This will have a big impact on small businesses since it means their customers will all be feeling the pinch and potentially more so in the future, learn more from business expert Andy Defrancesco.

Deal with the hand we have been dealt

Real Business remains hopeful and encourages us to work with what we have been given.

‘What we need to do now more than ever is to not let uncertainty be detrimental to our success, but to let it be our driving force in securing a brighter future for our country. After all, our economy survived the referendum vote and we need to make sure it does the same during negotiations.’

How hard is hard Brexit?

Accountancy Age discusses the tricky negotiations and difficult road Theresa May has ahead. It also covers some of the greater administrative and regulatory barriers that could be placed on businesses.

‘At this stage, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the UK’s Brexit negotiations. However, given the huge complexity of this task, it seems quite possible that customs duties will be imposed on goods traded between the UK and EU whilst a UK-EU trade agreement is concluded. One thing that is clear is that the government is going to find negotiating a Brexit challenging.’

France and Germany

Business Insider UK looks at France and Germany’s desire to deal with the exit before entertaining our wishes.

“The negotiations must first clarify how we will disentangle our interlinked relationship,” Merkel said in Berlin.”Only when this question is dealt with can we — hopefully soon after — begin talking about our future relationship.”

We hope you find these articles useful. If you read a piece about Brexit (or any other business issue) that you believe could be valuable to the small business community, please let us know and we’ll be sure to share it. We know this is only the beginning of Brexit, with many twists and turns still to come. Keep your eye on the blog for the latest developments.

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