Building your site with CloudSite – which are the best designs?

Building your site with CloudSite - which are the best designs?

It’s so easy to design and build a functional website using CloudSite from Websites MadeSimple, with the simple editor you don’t have to deal with complicated coding – and your mobile friendly website can be set up in just a few clicks.

It’s so easy to design, but what’s not so easy is deciding on which design is right for you and your website. These are important decisions as the image you present to visitors to your site can have a big impact.

So, what are the best designs for your new website? Or what should you consider when you make a design change on your existing site? Let’s explore, and it should make the process of picking the right design for your site much simpler.

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Design

If you’ve got a business website, or any other kind of website for that matter, you are going to need to consider a few things before you are able to pick a design or template that works for you. Think the following through and you will be in a much better position to make a decision:

  • Values – Are you a managing a consultancy service? if so you may want a sleek and simple design with more neutral tones. Are you running a party planning company? If so you could find that bolder colouring and fluid layouts are appealing. It all depends – think about the values your business ascribes to, and try to translate them into design.
  • Functionality – You need to consider the goals of your website, as this influences design. Are you using CloudShop for eCommerce? Do you need a booking or contact form? Think about the main goals of your website, obviously a big goal is getting visitors – but think about what you want them to do once they’re on there.
  • Identity – Thinking about your identity in terms of a visual sense is useful. Try to come up with some core values. Are you sharp? Are you soft? Are you inviting? 3-4 visual principles to your identity can make the process of choosing much easier.

Taking these broad ideas into the design and planning stage of building your website makes it much easier to get specific – and makes the process of choosing much easier.

Templates, Colours & Fonts

You’re not going to want to make a decision that is somehow against the principles of your website, so there are some important things to think about when you actually start creating your site.

There are a few things that you should certainly consider when you start using the editor. Most of the design and visual experiences you develop will be located under the ‘Theme’ section of the editor. So, let’s explore some of the options within it:

  • Templates – There are numerous templates available, and these can provide a good framework for you to refine further on. Once you have populated the pages and content, try a few out and see what works before continuing. Remember you can easily change it later if you want to.
  • Colours You can choose your brand colours, or one that will reflect the mood of your website. Colour theory is complicated and very intricate – so doing some research is advisable. Just remember that colours such as red will invoke a warm and energising atmosphere and cooler colours like blue or green will invoke a more calming tone to the user.
  • Fonts – There are literally millions of fonts, and it’s one of the more difficult choices to make. You can easily add and change fonts in the editor, so try a few and see what you like. Remember the most important thing is that the user can easily read the text, so consider this first above the look of the font.

There are so many choices, but with the right considerations you should be able to narrow it down relatively easily. This way the choice is limited to a few good options, as opposed to a giant list.


A lot of your website is not filled with text or pretty pictures. As a result, there is going to be a lot of fairly empty space on the site that is part of the visual look of the site. The background is an important choice. There are a number of options you can go for here.

Consider the following:

  • Solid Colours – Having a solid colour in your website can give a sense of uniformity. It also helps make text more readable – so if you have a lot of text on the screen this is a good option. It also makes it easier to discern different areas of the site – so if you have a lot of functionality consider a solid colour.
  • Images – There are many websites that don’t have a huge amount of content, these can benefit from an image in the background as it makes for a more visually diverse experience for the user.
  • Gradients – Using the editor you can put a gradient in your background to have a big contrast. This is good for sites that want to guide the user down the page and differentiate sections of the page.

Choosing a background is one of the more subtle parts of your website design, but it is nonetheless important as it is a large part of the entire site – and can be very visually imposing.

Design Choices & Decisions

Using CloudSite from Websites MadeSimple is an easy way to design a site, but making those design choices can be a difficult – but with the right approach it is much easier to make those decisions and ultimately end up with a better and more effective website.

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