Company Formation MadeSimple awarded Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation


We are delighted to announce that our company formation service, Company Formation MadeSimple has been awarded the Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation by Feefo.

Who are Feefo?

They are a ‘Global ratings and reviews provider’. After a customer has successfully formed a limited company with our services, they are invited to rate our system as one of the following:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Bad

Customers also have the option to anonymously leave public feedback – feedback that can be found here.

Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation

To be awarded with the Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation a service provider must receive at least 95% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ ratings ‘over a minimum number of individual feedbacks’. Company Formation MadeSimple received 98% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ ratings.

Michelle Carvill, MadeSimple Marketing Director

“At MadeSimple we take customer service very, very seriously. Putting ourselves in our customers shoes is something we focus on as part of our brand values – and so to be awarded with the Gold Award which showcases that 98% of our customers are delighted with our service levels is wonderful news. Particularly given how many customers we’re serving each month – literally thousands. So put into context, it’s great news. Our customers are happy – and we’re delighted about that.”

Read our latest Feefo reviews now.

Do you have any questions about forming a UK limited company? Leave a comment or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

By Mathew Aitken at MadeSimpleFind Mathew on Google+

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Why MadeSimple decided to rebrand

Taking on the challenge of rebranding is a significant decision for any business. The implications of rebranding run deep and wide.

We’ve been fortunate that our business has grown significantly over the years and we’ve experienced continued success. Success is great – but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels – as in the fast paced world of digital and online commerce, it’s always about pushing forward and staying ahead of the competition.

Approaching our ‘teenage’ years, we felt it was the perfect time to reassess our direction and prepare for our future.

A decade in digital is a lifetime

MadeSimple started out in 2002 and so in business years, we’re still relatively young. But given the pace of change all businesses have experienced over the past decade – 2002 seems a lifetime away.

Take yourself back – and we’re talking about a time before smartphones and social networks existed, to when businesses didn’t even have a website, let alone the provision for people to buy online. Customers were still very much viewed as a commodity and the customer experience didn’t come into the equation.

Preparing for the future

As part of our rebrand, we’ve done a lot of soul-searching and it’s been interesting exploring who we are, what we’re about, why we exist and where we’re heading.

We’re different to many of our competitors – as we provide a family of business services for our customers. And we felt we wanted to make that point more evident.

Our sites have been around for years and have serviced over half a million UK businesses – so we needed to respect the integrity of our current presence – yet refresh each site in line with our new identity and the message that we are a ‘Group’ of solutions, rather than a one hit wonder.

Our mobile responsive MadeSimple Group site showcases each of our services – and each individual site tells the story of our “Group” too. A new ‘MadeSimple’ header runs across all of our sites – so our customers can easily navigate to our other sites and learn more about MadeSimple.

Our ambition is to continuously grow our service range so that MadeSimple can support our customers whether they are starting, running or growing their business – and so we needed a new identity to bring all of our different services together and to facilitate further growth.

The changing face of MadeSimple

From a visual perspective, we’ve endeavoured to remove fuss and keep things simple. Our ‘swoosh’ has been stripped away – and we have a slightly different colour palette.

We’ve refined our photographic styling too – focusing on real world people and getting our customers involved in the stories we share. In fact, if you visit our new offices, you’ll see photos of our Customers’ Shoes – a campaign focused on getting our customers directly involved in our rebrand.

Some simple changes you’ll notice

  • We now use ‘MadeSimple’ as one word – in line with our new branding.
  • Our virtual office business – London Presence – has now been brought into the MadeSimple branding – and very aptly named, Virtual Office Made Simple.

The future’s Simple

Making business simple lies at the heart of our intent. Maturing as a business, as in life, often means changing behaviours and appearance (whilst still remaining the same at heart) – having been in business for the past 12 years, we needed a refresh – and we’re fortunate that not only do we have a new identity, but we have wonderful new offices too.

Our thinking is clear and simple, and we believe our new look is simple too.

We’re looking forward to our new space and the ‘teenage’ years. Exciting times ahead.

By Michelle Carvill at MadeSimpleFind Michelle on Google+

MadeSimple is having a makeover – and we want your shoes!

Yes, you read that correctly – we want your shoes and yes, it is a genuine request. We’re working towards developing some plantar insoles for patients and need the data for research purposes.

Not your physical shoes of course – we simply want you to send us a ‘shoe selfie’ – (a photo of you in your shoes) just like the ones above, we recommend the ones from We have full confidence in our capability to provide footwear that are dedicated to those that don’t usually get the best fit with  mainstream products of the biggest brands. Besides, shoe reviewers like Lilly Harvey of Shoe Adviser and our more than satisfied customers are what make us going.


Having been born in the early 2000’s – MadeSimple has now hit the ‘teenage’ years.

Maturing as a business, as in life, often means reflecting on what we’ve done over the years, what we’ve learnt and what we think the future needs to look like. And of course with maturity, we often change our appearance and behaviours (whilst still remaining the same at heart). Continue reading MadeSimple is having a makeover – and we want your shoes!