Bloodshed on the High Street

June’s retail price figures reveal the sorry picture as far as the High Street is concerned.  According to recent figures published, whilst prices in the food retail sector have increased dramatically particularly in the area of processed food, the non-food retail sector has actually only seen prices rise of 1% year on year and this is despite VAT rises of 2.5% in January. Continue reading Bloodshed on the High Street

How much is Jordan worth?

How much is Jordanworth?  No I am not talking about the country in theMiddle Eastnor the celebrity (sic) Katie Price.  I am talking about the premiership footballer Jordan Henderson who is currently the subject of a possible transfer deal involving his club Sunderland and the buyer,Liverpool.  The price for this 20-year old starlet is rumoured to be in the region of £20m. Continue reading How much is Jordan worth?

So what is a Small Business?

I recently heard an article on the radio under the heading of “The importance of SMEs to the UK’s economic recovery”.

Obviously, this pricked my ears and I waited to listen to an item relating to a small or medium sized business r only to hear an interview with a representative from a company with more than 1000 employees.   Continue reading So what is a Small Business?