Not convinced by coworking? Here are 5 reasons to get onboard

Coworking has fast become big business, and it’s only prescribed to get bigger. According to Small Business Labs, the amount of people coworking will rise to 4m by 2020, compared to the still hefty 1m in 2016. The way that people work is changing, in fact, do a quick google on flexible working and you’ll find a number of reports about the future of working that cite ‘flexibility’ as a top priority. At Work Hub MadeSimple we think that’s terrific. And not just because it’s good for business. There are many benefits – so here are just five reasons to get onboard with the coworking revolution.

Remote working has shifted from a quirk to the near-norm. And whilst home may be the obvious destination for the remote worker, it’s not always the most productive environment. A coworking office is perfect for people who don’t spend all week in an office but want the flexibility to work in an office environment when it suits them, whether this is a couple of days a week or month, or full-time.

The growing costs of renting, or indeed buying an office (not to mention the associated overheads such as lighting, heating, business rates etc) make it an unrealistic prospect for many new businesses. When compared to these costs, the price of renting a desk in a coworking space is minimal. This makes it an attractive alternative for smaller teams, one-man bands and freelancers.

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Coworking spaces are usually located in desirable, business-centric locations. Not only does a great location make a space a pleasure to work from (thanks to easy transport links, bars, restaurants, etc), it also makes a good first impression for any clients you meet with. Very handy when it comes to recruiting team members and attracting new business.

As well as being aesthetically attractive, coworking spaces are typically convenient and comfortable to work from. Standup desks, comfy seating, breakout spaces, meeting rooms…  there’s bound to be an arrangement that suits you. When partnered with high-speed WiFi, unlimited tea and coffee, daily networking opportunities and other amenities (free beer Friday, anyone?), you may find yourself struggling to leave at the end of the day.  

When it comes to coworking, the people who work within the space are just as – if not more – important than the space itself. This is why all good spaces vet applicants before allowing them in. Understandably not everyone gets involved, but if you do go into a space with an open mind, you will find ample opportunity to collaborate, upskill and maybe even get new business.

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