My Mate in Customer Service

My Mate in Customer Service

It’s probably an age thing, but I’m finding it difficult being referred to as “mate” when I’m being served in a shop or on the phone. Maybe I’m just out of touch with modern culture. I’m perfectly happy for someone to call me by my name, but other terms don’t really do it for me.

A recent interaction with BT resulted in me being called, all in the space of about five minutes, “mate”, “fella” and “brother”. Maybe these terms are in the BT customer service training manual, but I somehow doubt it. A similar occurrence happened in a national sports shop.

Great customer service is something that this country has always struggled with. It’s simply something we just don’t come across very often yet it can make all the difference in business.

At the same time as I went through these two experiences, I also had a wonderful interaction on the phone with a service company and an excellent one online. In both cases they not only made me feel comfortable about dealing with the companies in question, but I also told everyone about them.

Giving your customers a great experience, has got to be a key goal for all businesses that want to excel in these difficult times. When bad experiences can be shared so simply with social media and review sites, the downside can be very costly. Creating great experiences are a key step in creating a great business.

As a Chartered Accountant and Consultant at Westbury, Howard Graham has been helping small businesses for the last 30 years. During that time, he has also set up numerous successful businesses including an award winning internet business and a restaurant as well as having an interest in a property company, a farm and a design company. He also is a regular speaker on small business issues as well as writing for the BBC, Microsoft and  Imbibe magazine.

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