We review the 2018 Christmas ads!

We review the 2018 Christmas Ads!

We’re mere weeks away from Christmas, so it’s not surprising that every other advert on TV follows the same festive theme. Have you seen this year’s offerings? We asked some of our team to review them – here’s what they thought:


“I like the idea Tesco is selling with their ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ Christmas campaign. No two Christmas’ are the same from one household to another – it’s true. Most of the advert was focused on Christmas food – a subtle way to advertise some of the products they sell, whether they’re ‘traditional’ for some or not. It doesn’t follow suit of the heart-wrenching scenes from other brands, but does highlight that Christmas is a time when ‘anything goes’ – whether you like sprouts or not (I do!) Some brownie (or a more festive Christmas pudding) points are given for the Christmassy-styled Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Go Your Own Way’. Roll on the Christmas dinner!”

Lauren, Marketing Executive


John Lewis and Partners

“Everybody loves a bit of nostalgia, and this ad does a great job of celebrating the best aspects of that by taking us on a gradual journey through Elton John’s career. It also does a real number on us by telling us that nothing is potentially more important to your child’s future that getting that first major present right. It’s very heartwarming and uplifting whilst also being a tad bit emotionally manipulative!”

Jason, Compliance Administrator



“If Sausage Party has taught us anything it’s that everyone loves an animated vegetable. The tale of Kevin the Carrot and Pascal, the Wicked Parsnip, is chock full of your classic fairytale tropes. Pascal ‘McEvilScrooge’ has got a chip on his shoulder because carrots are better and more famous. I personally think the parsnip is underrated but Pascal surely only has himself and his marketing team to blame for his lack of sales. There’s mention of his plan to eat the carrots for dinner which sounds suspiciously like root cannibalism! Thankfully Kevin saves the day and they live happily ever after. All in all, a charming little ditty. Bring on Christmas!”

Jared, Head of Technical Solutions



“It’s a very homely and heartwarming advert that – to me – gives off a strong message about love and compassion. It reminds us that we must not fall short of making the effort to really appreciate and understand all our loved ones, family, friends, pets, colleagues, neighbours. Life is too short! Don’t waste time sweating the small stuff, forget the negatives and instead focus all your energy and time appreciating the positives. Especially for your mum.”

Ricci, Reception Supervisor & Office Secretary



“I was drawn into the ad from the get-go, as the first few notes of Morricone’s ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ chime in the background, a piece made famous by the film ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’. It served as the backdrop for a scene where the three characters stand in a circle in a pistol duel, fighting over the recently discovered treasure of gold.

The only gold our feathered friends here can wish for here, is a golden coating of crisp batter around them. Having said that, I find the irony comical and effective, despite the fact I have only had 1 KFC in my life, and don’t intend on having another one again.”

Oliver Jackson, Head of Customer Services



“Heathrow do Christmas adverts? Okay. This festive offering – from an airport – tells the tale of Granny and Grandad bear, two expats living in Florida who yearn for a proper UK Christmas surrounded by their family. So they pack up and jet off to, you guessed it, Heathrow!

Once back in Britain – and once Grandad bear has wreaked a little Paddington-ish havoc in the gift shop, our duo head to the suburbs where our advert culminates in bear hugs aplenty, Mummy bear pondering where on earth the surprise guests are going to sleep (maybe), and the bears morphing into… humans! It’s a sweet enough ad, with the bears (and Paul Young) doing their very best to bother your tear ducts.”

Mathew Aitken, Product Marketing Manager



“The Sainsburys Christmas Ad is a production that I am sure even Andrew Lloyd Webber would be proud of. It had elements of nostalgia; being nervous performing at your Christmas play as a child in front of your parents, it had the inclusiveness of everyone coming together and being happy. It captured the very real problem people have in being distracted by their phones, portrayed by the mum at the beginning. And then – just like that – she stopped as soon as her child started singing. It felt real. It felt happy. It felt like Christmas. I very much enjoyed Sainsburys Christmas Ad this year.”

Daniel Cohen, Deputy Head of Customer Services



“While I understand some content cannot be advertised to the public. I think it’s a shame that this advert had to be banned from TV considering the negative impacts that palm oil production has on some ecosystems. This advert portrays a powerful message about an issue affecting a number of different animal species and people should be informed. Raising awareness with an advert like this gives us the opportunity to understand and do something about matters affecting our planet.”

Ben Ifill, Virtual Office Administrator

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