Running your business on the go with intuitive mobile apps

Running your business on the go with intuitive mobile apps

If you’re running a business it is likely that you are quite intensely busy. This might be day-to-day work with all kinds of client or customer related tasks to contend with – or perhaps it could be because you’re dedicated to working on the infrastructure and effectiveness of your business.

This is especially true at certain times of year like the Christmas period, where numerous people find themselves having to squeeze in a month’s worth of work into a period where there are a lot of days off devoted to family and friends.

Luckily, when you create your website using the CloudSite web builder and make use of business tools like Office 365 you can liberate yourself from the constraints of your office.

How To Run Your Business Online

When you’re running a business you could well find that you aren’t actually using the most flexible tools for the job. You might think that when running a company you need to be situated in your own office with your computer and everything else – the reality is that business is not tied to one single location.

These days there are numerous ways to do your business online, from a mobile or tablet device. Some of these include the following:

  • Mobile Based Comms – It’s no secret that you can get your email on your phone, but you can actually have many other things like social media and even email marketing applications on a mobile device too. This can make it much easier to manage things like social interactions on a mobile device.
  • Web Editing On The Go – Using the increased connectivity of 3G and 4G you can more easily find the ability to edit or update your website on the go. You can use the native browser app on your device, or you can look forward to the new dedicated CloudSite app coming next year. Either way, it’s a great way to keep your business going wherever you have a data connection.
  • Office Suites – If you make use of Office 365 you can take advantage of dedicated mobile apps that make doing work on the go just as easy as in your office. Spreadsheets, documents, presentations and everything else is a matter of just opening up your phone application and starting work. So, you can do whatever you want on the go!

Running your business in terms of actual work and productivity online is simple – but you can just as simply do it on the go these days. Not only work and productivity, but things like finance and other business admin too.

Mobile Apps For A Mobile Business

You can quite easily run your business from a tablet or phone. Most of the time you can get the job done just as well. Freedom and flexibility is one of the main perks of running your own company. After all it’s probably one of the main reasons why you started your own company in the first place.

Using CloudSite to create your website leaves you well placed to start editing and updating your site on the go, and using Office 365 will make the process of doing work much easier too.

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