MadeSimple’s Top-20 Female Entrepreneurs


We thought we’d give Mother’s Day a ‘business spin’ by celebrating our favourite 20 female entrepreneurs. These women are all behind successful businesses that should inspire any startup. Let’s take a look, and don’t forget to share your favourites at the end. In no particular order: Continue reading MadeSimple’s Top-20 Female Entrepreneurs

Mumpreneur – Love it or Hate it?

Mumpreneur - mother's day

Personally, I’m not a fan. So at this poignant time of year – I thought I’d explore exactly why the term has continued to grate on my nerves.

Over recent years, I’ve been at many a business award ceremony – where a range of awards are being given out to both women and men – but, then the ‘Mumpreneur of the Year’ award comes up – and of course, only business women who happen to be mums need apply. Continue reading Mumpreneur – Love it or Hate it?