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Healthy office

When you work at a desk in front of a computer, it’s safe to say that you won’t get the sort of benefits that a lumberjack or a gristled woodsman would get. I’m talking in terms of health. Once you realise just how bad the atmosphere and activities of an office is for your body (posture, spine, sickness levels and immune efficiency) you start to think that you’re not necessarily the switched on professional you thought you were.

After all, once you find out the facts, you’d be nuts not to make use of them. We’re holding a health and wellbeing week with lots of fun initiatives to keep people happier, healthier and more content.

This post will showcase some of the health facts of office life, and how you can avoid them, so you can promote wellbeing in your own place of work. Whether that’s just you on your own running the business from home or you’re working in an office of many, you can always make the way you work healthier.

The Problem Of Sitting

One of the most profound reasons that office workers are prone to back pain is because of sitting. Too much sitting! There are many ways you can improve your office health practices, but one of the best is by sitting less and moving more.

You might feel that you’re tied to your desk when working, but you’re really not – you can get up and about in simple ways including the following:

  • Stand! – It’s well worth investing in a standing desk, but you can equally just find a way to work at an elevated level so you can stand – stacks of books or office paper supplies work great as laptop stands. Studies have shown that standing is not just great for physical health with things like posture, but it also has some mental benefits too.
  • Walk – When you’re in that long boring meeting you might want to fall asleep. But a good thing to remember is that you can always walk for a more productive meeting. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but when it’s possible to meet out and about you can easily take a walk. Taking the time at lunchtime to walk around, instead of just eating and returning to work, can get your blood flow going and revive you for the afternoon too. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and can’t walk, you might want to Check This Out. Businesses should also ensure the employees safety by regularly inspecting potential hazards. Employees that were seriously hurt after slipping and falling can visit this website for legal help.
  • Break Out – Sometimes you just want to sit, that’s okay in moderation. But sitting in the same old desk in the same old position is bad for your body. Try ‘breaking out’ to a common area in the office for a while, this is great to freshen your mind and gives your body some variation of movement.

Sitting down is considered one of the main drivers for poor health – and it’s something the office world has only recently become aware of. And it’s not just a bad back you’re at risk of, in a piece for The Guardian in 2014 Dr. Luisa Dillner said that “studies show it increases our risk of dying from practically any disease you can think of”. So, wake up and realize the perils of sitting – this is a big tip for a healthier workplace.

Slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of general workplace accidents and injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe traumas such as head injuries, broken bones, sprains, and lacerations. In fact, slips, trips, and falls are often reported as the most common causes of workers’ compensation claims for which twenty percent of falls cause serious injuries. To reduce the potential hazards that lead to slips, trips, and falls, there are ways you can proactively manage your workplace environment to help lower the risk of injury to your employees and customers.

Other Tips & What We Are Doing

It’s not just about getting up every now and then, and making sure you don’t sit in the same position for too long. It’s really more about a proactive approach to health – even when you’re not actually working. After all, if you’re healthier when you’re not working you’ll be healthier when you are working.

Some other things you can do, and some things we are doing in our health and wellbeing week, include the following:

  • Group Activities – We do weekly yoga sessions as a group, so anyone who’s interested can take part in some free enlightenment. There is also a boot camp we do each week with a personal trainer. Giving people in the office a way to do some exercise is a fantastic tip for a healthier office. It doesn’t have to be yoga, it could be a simple group jog, so long as it’s a physical activity.
  • Healthy Foods – MadeSimple are running a smoothie shot bar for our health and wellbeing week. Fresh fruit is a wonderful and inexpensive way of providing nourishment to staff. By adding a blender (we use a Nutri-Bullet) to the kitchen along with some fresh ingredients people can have healthy doses of nutritious goodness all day – it’s much more interesting than water and is good for giving people a chance to taste fruity concoctions they might not otherwise try..
  • Awareness – Some people simply don’t know about their health, maybe they just don’t think about it – or perhaps they’ve just never realised what is healthy and unhealthy in office life. If you’ve got an aware workforce they are more likely to act in their own health interests. Showing videos and documentaries are a great way to do this, and it’s something we will be doing in our own health and wellbeing week. We have also seen some brilliant results recently from awarding our staff some nice employee perks as it has really improved their morale, so we definitely recommend having a look into that. You may also provide disinfectant wipes in different parts of the office to promote health and hygiene among your employees.

If you’ve got an office space, whether you are an individual or you’re a team of many people, there are always things you can do for better health. You can provide healthy snacks and beverages to your employees by getting a vending machine service at It all makes a difference in promoting good office health – so make sure you take advantage.

The Physical Health Of An Office Promotes The Physical Health Of A Business

When you’re running a business you want health and vibrance within it, whether you’re an owner operator of a freelance consultancy or the CEO of a large multinational with many employees – the healthier the people involved the better that business can be.

Whether it’s productivity or just good old fashioned happiness, it all affects the overall business and it’s a core value that we at MadeSimple want to promote.

By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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