What is included with online office software & what are the benefits of using it?

What is included with online office software & what are the benefits of using it?

When you do business in a digital environment, there is a huge emphasis on productivity and efficiency. For example, if you’re an event manager, you’d use a configurable software for event management that would simulate scenarios and show you all possible outcomes. The tools you use when you do your work help a huge amount with this – and generally speaking the better the tools, the better the finished product – so it’s important to get the best.

In the digital age of advanced web technologies, much of your activity can take place online. Building a website with CloudSite right in your browser means you can create great websites without additional software, but you can also keep your productivity online too.

There are numerous online office suites, one of which is Office 365 offered by Websites MadeSimple. They are essentially online productivity tools that are as simple to use as our Drag & Drop Editor, and can keep your business in the cloud for advanced flexibility.

Benefits Of Online Office Suites

The benefits of online office suites like Office 365 are numerous, and they have some interesting advantages over traditional software.

These include:

  • Accessibility – With an online office suite your business is truly mobile, you can get your work done in any location and on any device. Some packages of online productivity software feature dedicated tablet and phone apps for seamless use between devices.
  • Reliability – There is no need for downloading any updates as any bug fixes and new features are constantly added, this reduces the instances of bugs occurring – and eliminates the need to download and update or upgrade your software.
  • Collaboration – You can easily share and edit docs with colleagues, which means you can collaborate very efficiently and conveniently across multiple locations or devices. The added bonus with Office 365 is that these are the tried and true Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Notebook.

Other benefits include safety in data storage, with everything stored on the cloud in an online office suite your files are saved on a remote server – meaning if your device crashes your data remains.

You do need an internet connection to access an online suite, but with the advanced speeds and reliability of networks around the world you are very likely to have ready access to all of your company files and documents.

Office 365 – Online & Offline With Support

Some online office suites are limited by the fact that they require a web connection to use. Some offer offline functionality, as Office 365 does.

A distinct advantage of Office 365 is that the Office Premium package from Websites MadeSimple provides the full suite of Microsoft desktop tools – so you can work offline and sync online. You can also keep your OneDrive online storage on your desktop, meaning you can access your documents for later syncing with the cloud.

Support is provided with Office 365 too, which is very beneficial for businesses as it can help you be more efficient. Support includes phone, email and online help 7 days a week. There is also free supported setup and email migration support so you can integrate Office 365 into your business quickly and easily.

What Is Included In An Online Office Suite?

The components of an office suite vary, for example with Office 365 the following is included:

  • Word processing with Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
  • Business email with Exchange Email
  • Presentation software with PowerPoint
  • Content and document management with SharePoint
  • Notetaking software with OneNote
  • Instant messaging, conferencing and screen sharing with Lync Online

The Office 365 suite also includes apps for tablets, which are specifically designed for use on touch devices. This expands functionality and can really add a big amount of flexibility to your work – flexible access for all devices.

Work, Share & Collaborate With Familiar Online Office Software

So there you have a rundown of online office software, including what it is exactly and what the many benefits are. Using online software increases the ability to integrate your business into a collaborative environment – and also gets you a powerful and familiar suite of applications that can increase productivity and help you adapt in an ever changing business world.

Once you’ve built your website with CloudSite, you can run your business effectively and productively with Office 365.

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