What is your business proposition?

What is your business proposition?

When you have an idea for a business it can be hard to visualise or articulate. But if you’re looking to convince clients, customers or investors then you will need to develop a strong business proposition.This can be easier said than done. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a great idea across effectively, despite its massive potential. Imagine having to pitch Google to someone in 1998? Sometimes innovation is so groundbreaking that it’s almost impossible to put across.

But for most companies there are clear techniques to help you establish a great proposition at every point in the customer journey. This is especially important on your website. So, when you build your site with CloudSite, how can you do this?

Focus on the benefit, of the benefit

Are there any significant aspects of your product or service that you mention as benefits? Well, ask yourself why that benefit is ‘beneficial’ at all? That’s what the customer really wants to know. You need to be aware that a customer may find it difficult to know why your product is useful to them.

For example, if you say ‘reinforced stitching’ on your product page for the line of hats that you design, you should actually say ‘reinforced stitching that never breaks’. The difference is subtle but undeniable. Always ask yourself why a benefit is beneficial and put that clearly on your site for a stronger proposition.

Emphasise your individuality

Are you completely unique and revolutionary? Or are you something old with a unique spin? Whatever it is – you need to set yourself out from the crowd. You need to position yourself as being one of a kind – otherwise you’re liable to find yourself lumped in with all the rest and customers won’t notice you.

Explain clearly how your product is different. Are the hats you design made from an unusual material? If so, that could be your angle for emphasising uniqueness and individuality. No matter what you do – telling customers exactly why you are special is essential for your business proposition.

Be informative, but be no nonsense

Be plain with your language. Tell them exactly what they get. Sign up for X and get Y. Be blunt, don’t say ‘Buy now and discover wonders you’d never imagine’ or something flowery like that. It’s just not what the customer wants.

Sell yourself but be informative in a very no nonsense manner – or you’re going to put people off. People are interested in what you can do for them, so incorporate that into your website and the proposition is much stronger.

Business propositions: A decent proposal

Always remember who and what you are, and in doing so make sure that you’re fair and honest. Business is about flexibility, whether that’s not being an ogre to your employees or making sure that you have a relationship with your customers that is honest, frank and mutually beneficial.

People get sick and tired of being hustled around, and if you push them too far they will simply avoid you. Remember that they are in charge, not you. Your proposition should be honest, impassioned and truly valuable, so when you build your site keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more practical insights on keeping customers coming back to your business website.

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